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We are available to worth your used furniture. We buy from you, your appliances and furniture matter. Sell us and get rid of used toxicity. Our service will never upset you.

About Us

New and Used Furniture Electronic Appliances Buyer in Dubai

Being the best new and used furniture buyer in Dubai, our work is centred on sustainability. Pre-owned furniture, in our opinion, ought to come before brand-new pieces. Each year, almost a million tonnes of used furniture are landfilled. We’re trying to change that by creating circular furniture.

Furniture is typically used in a straight line. We purchase it, use it while we live with it, and then discard it. We’ve built a platform so that furniture can continue to be used repeatedly for many years rather than having the lifecycle terminate after just one use.

We’re saying it loud and clear: used furniture is always the best option! Used furniture that is made well might actually last for many generations. We’re here to carry on those narratives and build a world where furniture is round, lasting, and enduring.

Furniture Storing Service

Why Get Second Hand Used Items?

  • It has some history behind it

Every used piece of furniture has a backstory. For instance, a floor lamp may have formerly been in a famous author’s study or may have served as a mother’s reading light for her children. Whatever its past, there is something special about possessing a unique item as opposed to something that was put together from a kit and is in hundreds of other homes across the nation.

  • Benefits the Community

Second-hand shops typically operate much more locally than huge furniture retailers, which rely on global supply lines and foreign production. Most second-hand furniture shops are independent and employ people from your neighbourhood.

  • Costs Less

In general, used furniture is much cheaper. Buying inexpensive used furniture is also less of a commitment, which is fantastic. A new couch is a significant investment. It’s less of a commitment to buy a used couch at a reasonable price because you can always sell it for the same price if you change your mind.

Your One-Stop Solution for New and Used Furniture Electronic Appliances Buyer

Over the past few years, Magic Touches Furniture has earned many items from disposal sites by selling decent and usable, gently used products. In addition to supporting our goal, our stores enable us to protect the environment and provide local families with access to reasonably priced, high-quality goods.


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